Our Family

Our Family

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

wells fargo wagon

So here we are 1 1/2 weeks after starting said job.  I have one word for you... HECTIC!  Wow, it seems I hardly have a moment to sit down from sun up to sun down!  I am loving it though.  It was hard the first week, I almost felt as if I were abandoning my children.   It's wonderful coming home to the messiest house in the world and having my kids come sit on my lap.  I get to ask about their day, and they ask me if I have to go to work tomorrow and if I say yes, they'll say, "mom, will you come back?"    It's fabulous!!!  Anyhow, life is good,  Things are hopefully getting better for Brad's job here soon as well!  =0)  

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Job Update

So I did get my job.  The day I interviewed and received the job on the spot.  I went home with  a ringing in my ears.  I was in shock a little bit.  I am glad that it will take a little pressure off Brad since things have been so stressful trying to find work for our business.  I am so grateful for a sister who is willing to babysit my 3 rambunctious kids and a mother in law who is willing to give up so much of her life to do the same.  We wouldn't be able to do it without you!  =0)  So, I start my job on Monday which will leave less time for frivilous things like blogging... HAHAHA.  =)  No, it will definitely be my escape.  So thanks Sheree and Carrie for the advice.  It was really helpful to know that I'm not alone (even though I was sure I wasn't.  It was just reassuring to hear it!)  Things will be good and I'm excited for the change of scenery!  

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


So, now is the time when I must find myself back into the work force.  I have found that being mommy is much harder than anything else I have ever done.  So, my first thoughts were, 'GREAT, I get to have a break."  I have since gotten 2 first interviews and now I am onto 2 second interviews.  I have since been feeling a little trepidation about leaving my children behind, after all, who could and would care for them better than I can?  No one loves them like I do.  That's not to say that they won't get well cared for, because I'm sure they will.  It's just I have been doing this for 3 years now and I have grown to love it.  So, I have been deep in thought today since tomorrow, I have an interview with Wells Fargo, and I would be surprised it I don't get it.  So, I have to make decisions based on the fact that we need the money right now, but who will care for my kids and will it be worth it if I have to pay a full time daycare to watch them?   So, any of you mothers out there who have been in my shoes and find themselves in the workforce, please tell me how it's done... this is alien territory!

better froggy pictures

Here is a better picture of our froggy.  We have since determined that the frog is a girl because SHE is so big.   And since the only vote we got for a frog name was Fluffy... dun dun dun dunnnnn... her name is fluffy the froggy!  It fits her very nicely!

I am trying to wake up!!!

So, Dylan... the turkey has been waking up around 5:30 or 6:00 for some cuddle with mommy on the couch time!  (OK, it's so adorable but I am so tired)  Anyhow, the other morning, I slouched out from underneath him and left him sleeping on the couch... so here he is with his deer (I think he thinks the deer is me... HAHAHA)  

He tried waking up and then was sitting up on the couch, but he fell asleep... I zipped my camera out and this is the picture I got... He is yawning and dusting off his little peepers! It was so adorable!  I missed the sleeping sitting up picture just barely!

Happy Birthday Mary

So yesterday was Mary's birthday.  She was turning 65, so we thought we should light a bonfire.  That wasn't the greatest idea with the frosting that I made for her "milk chocolate cake, with milk chocolate frosting"  (that's her favorite, I spend at least an hour scouring the internet for what looked like it would be a good recipe.)  The frosting was made with butter... that melts when it comes against heat... hmmm.... should have rethought that one!  LOL  =0)  

Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Ogden 5K results

So here we are. It is 8:37 am Saturday morning and I have successfully completed my first 5K race! I was able to finish in 41 minutes. That is not the official time, but that's the approximate time. I beat what I th ought I would do it in by 4 minutes! I didn't even imagine the amount of adrenaline I would have just by running with a few thousand excited people! The Good thing about running this first 5K is that I set a personal record that now I get to work to beat! I can't wait to do my other 5K's and my 10K this summer so that I can work on beating that time! I can't believe I haven't done it before, but am glad that I've done it now! Thanks to all my well wishers! Tiffany, I hope that you do good in the marathon! I can see myself doing a half, but a full is too much of a mental game! Good for you!
This is the picture of where I was coming from.  Ben Lomond Peak looks so majestic!
A funny in motion picture of me!  Now I can't wait to compare this 5K picture with my others to see how much weight I can lose!  WHOOPEE!
Here I am with my finish time as I cross the finish line!  It started at Timbermine restaurant and ended at Grant and 25th St.
Another pic of me after the race!

Friday, May 15, 2009


So, Brad and I have a close friend that has developed this product and I have become a distributor for it.  I have also been using it for a little over 2 weeks now and it has taken away a lot of my food cravings.  (the bad ones)  I think it's because my body is finally getting the nutrients it needs so I don't want anything else.  This is used by marathon runners, people trying to lose weight, people who want organic fruits, veggies, and seeds.  You only need one serving of this drink a day and you've got your fruits and veggie requirements for the day.  The other product, called Revive, it's basically giving you energy through ginseng, ginko biloba, and other things.  The product is all natural and doesn't taste half bad. (although the texture is slightly different, but I have gotten used to it)  They use a process called Insta-Fresh to dry the nutrients and foods.  It is a low temperature process done in Cedar City Utah.  They use the same method as Isagenix.  If anyone would like a free sample of the product, just let me know!  I could mail it to you a long with the spec information on the product!  It is awesome!

Four-Wheeling Commentary

So, we took a small 4-wheeler trip while in Moab.  Lacey set her shoe on the transfer case (or whatever) and burned her shoe.  After we take a break and she had already has her cry over her brand new shoes (dang it!!!).  She finds Tenille first thing and here is approximately how the conversation went.  

Lacey: Tinny, my SHOE is ruined!  we have to buy a new shoe.  
Tenille:  Lacey, that is bad news!!
Lacey:  We need to spank Grandpas bum for doing this to my shoe!
Tenille:  Yes, yes we do!

we overhear all of this going on so grandpa sticks his hiney out and Lacey commences to spank his bum.  Silly children!

Ogden 5K

So tomorrow I run in my first organized race. I know I will suck, but that's OK, because I am only doing it for fun. Anyhow, this year I plan on competing in 2 other 5k's and on 10k. The Layton 10K, the peak performance 5K, and the riverdale 5K. hopefully I will get better with each race. I checked out some of the finishing times that people have had finishing 5K's. 16 minutes... WOW! I don't think I could do that. But I can finish in about 45 minutes run/walking (yeah, I'm slow) I am thrilled and excited to join the running community with my first 5k! Everyone wish me luck and hopefully I won't kill myself!


Delicate Arch.  When I have gone before, we took at 3 mile hike and got up right next to it.  By the time we got here, the kids had had it so we just went to the viewing point and this is the picture from there.  It's a lot better if you're right up next to it.  Next time.
Brad holding Lacey and Dylan after a mile hike to the windows arches.  
Window arches
T&L at balancing rock
Mary and Lonnie
Family photo in Arches

3-gossips in Arches
Looking over the colorado river at Dead Horse Point State Park
Dylan must have gotten cold, I found the blanket over his head... notice the hand
Cooking dutch oven.  We had Raspberry Cream Cheese Coffee Cake, Peach Cobbler, Mountain Man breakfast, dutch oven potatoes, tossed salads, marinated chicken strips, garlic cheese rolls, and steak and Shrimp.  It was so tasty!  I LOVED IT!  My waist line did not.
Dylan checking out the tent.  I think we need to upgrade to a bigger one, it was kinda packed.

bye bye pacies, and bottles!

So, after 21 months, I finally decided Dylan was ready to be rid of the Pacifier and the Bottle.  After our trip to Star Valley at the end of April, I took the plunge and did them both at the same time.  It is FABULOUS!  He is actually sleeping through the night now.  Now, to get him to drink MILK not in the bottle.  That is the challenge.  

Write it down

So I got this picture of the kids sleeping... ALL at the same time.  I really thought I ought to write it down because it never happens during the day.  Thankfully it ALWAYS happens at night!  


So I know this is a little late, but I thought I would share some of the cute pictures that we got on Easter and of coloring easter eggs.

Ok, so you must look very closely on the stairway above me.  That is Lacey beginning her gymnastic trick all the way down the stairs.  Come to the end of the stairway, MY EGG... IT BROKE!  Mind you, these were the real eggs.  
one of mommies shirts so I don't get stained.
I think I like eating them more than I like coloring them.
candy... candy... candy.... 
Getting ready to go on our hunt outside.
I love finding easter eggs, in fact I have asked several times since if we could have another one. 
Easter is so fun!
Very happy kids with all their loot!
They got some pop beads.  I have been eyeing them at Target for a while knowing they would love them.
That is one BIG Necklace

Foster Kids

So Missy and Brett became foster parents so Missy could stay home with max.  They got these two absolutely cute kids.  Camden is the boy, he is 8, and Kendra is the girl, she is 9!  We got to spend some time with them just recently camping.  It was fun, they are full of energy and Missy is probably feeling slightly overwhelmed!  I know I would!  =0)

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Cardboard playhouse

10 dollars later from the Osh Kosh store.

A new use for Junk Mail

Peek a boo #1
Peek a boo #2
Peek a boo #3

Princess dress

This last time we visited Star Valley, Kesslee decided to get her dress up clothes out.  My girls could hardly contain their excitement....



So after the excitement, Lacey and Tenille decided they wanted to spend their birthday money on their own princess dresses.  Much to my dismay... I mean delight, they got these funny Fancy Nancy dresses.  They have so much bling on them.... I suppose that's why they chose them... HAHAHA  Cute little chipmunks!

Cool Dude

My little man, Dylan or Dilly-dally (my nick name for him) is doing better in his speech.  My friends have twin boys and I was reading through her blog one day and she had mentioned that her boys were in speech therapy.  OK, I thought to myself, Dylan hasn't said one word and he is 18 months old.  So I ask her, what do you think, would you take him in?  She suggested I take him to get tested.  It's at Weber Early Intervention and the testing is free.  So, the results... at 18 months he was at a 16 month level for fine motor skills, and Cognitive skills.  At a 13 month level for his language skills.  but at a 24 month level in gross motor, self help, and social skills.  So, we had some work to do.  I couldn't help but attribute it to the fact I can't spend as much one on one time with him.  I have twins who are only 16 months older and they DEMAND much of my time.  So the precious time I've had with Dylan wasn't enough.  He didn't even know where his eyes, and nose were.  So... after getting past my guilt, we started with the speech therapist.  Portia is her name and repetition is her game.  I am now happy to announce that he says, night-night, mama, more, no, ice, pogo, grandpa, daddy, go, and drink and is doing much more mumbling rather than the grunts and points.  We have also come back and thought on when he was a baby.  He was tongue tied, and because of lack of insurance, we haven't taken him for a check up to see if it has receded, so he also might have a little tongue situation as well.  So... here's to Dylan and a future of not getting him to shut his trap!  LOL

fuzzy froggy

Our frog was getting a might fuzzy (he had a fungus)  So I did some research and came up with a lot of things that we were doing wrong.  
1.  he was swimming in a toilet, meaning his tank was too small and I wasn't changing the water enough
2.  I was feeding him too often therefore, his excess food was creating a fungus
3.  We weren't treating the water.  The waste the frog has creates ammonia, which to anyone is harmful, and to out little guy it was no good. 
4.  We  were feeding him Beta food, which is basically crap dog food to a dog.  He needed blood worms (so discusting... good thing they are frozen)
5.  The other frog we had with him died shortly after we got him... sad but true.  We were lucky this one didn't die, we have had him since July 2008.  

Here is the before situation in his little prison

here we are in the after situation!  I am happy to announce that this little guy can live up to 15 years if he is taken care of properly and his fuzz is now a thing of the past!  Now... to name him.... any suggestions???

hugs and sorry

This is the picture that we've been seeing a lot of lately, although usually the one getting hugged has tears in their eyes.  LOTS of fighting going on lately, and mean mom always makes them say sorry and give hugs and kisses.  Dylan has recently picked up that sorry is petting someone on the head, so even if he's not the one that needs to say he's sorry, he'll pet the offender on the head.  It is so adorable.  So, any suggestions?  How do we get past the fighting, or is it just a twin thing???